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As you know, I'm looking for work, especially at Penn. And several people have suggested that I contact Unique Advantage (http://www.uniqadv.com/), the temp agency that's lined Penn up with administrative support since 2001.

There's a small problem. The company doesn't seem to actually exist.

Here's my story. I went to the site, and set up an account for myself, entering my employment history, uploading a resume, etc. And then I hit the links for applying for open positions. Seemed simple enough.

Except that I'd never hear anything from Unique Advantage. No replies at all. I eventually found their phone number, and asked about maybe coming in for an interview so they could see what a great employee they'd be offering around Penn. The phone receptionist told me to simply keep applying, and I'd be contacted.

Which never happened. And their open positions lists never changed.

More recently, I decided to update my resume. I uploaded a newer version... and only then did i find that their software didn't offer a link to allow you to delete the older resume. Not only that, but the link to delete the _newer_ resume simply didn't work. This crippled the ability to even apply for a position.

And a Google search found me an older version of their website that was still active (http://www2.uniqadv.com/), but _those_ listings dated from 2009.

So we have a company that uses an online application system that doesn't work, that cripples itself, that refuses to meet with clients, and amazingly, offers almost no ability to contact anyone at the company: two officers are listed, but only one phone number, and no email.

These are clearly NOT the sharpest knives in the drawer.


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Aug. 11th, 2013 08:50 pm (UTC)
I'm wondering if this is what Penn keeps in place, to say they are advertising positions publicly and not just filling them internally or with friends and friends-of-friends. Maybe you could offer to revamp the system.
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