BrianSiano (briansiano) wrote,

Has it been four months? Holy Shit.

I'm working on a video that was shot at a recording studio. It was a pretty impromptu, unplanned sort of thing; the artists would be recording, and I'd shoot whatever I could, and see if I could give it some shape in the editing. Sometimes it works out well, sometimes it doesn't. And so far, it's working out OK.

I looked up the studio on the web to check a name or two, and found that they have this program where artists can come in, and get recorded, PLUS, they get videos made of them doing their work. I wanna see what other people are doing, so okay, I click on the Vimeo box and have a look.

It looks really good. The photography is pretty lush, and the camera angles are well chosen. There's some nice interviews, the artists against black backgrounds and lit lovingly from the side. The moments when the artists are recording? Nicely done, with excellent sound.

My stuff doesn't look nearly as good. I got lucky with some shots. The sound's basically what my Rode could capture, but there's always the chance of getting the stuff that the studio recorded. Okay, the performers did several takes of one song, and I could edit those into a single version, and there's some very funny banter going on... but it looked like a home movie next to the studio's stuff.

I spent a few minutes being miserable.

So I scroll ahead to the credits, and what do I see? Credits for a Director. An Executive Producer. A Director of Photography. Three cameramen. An audio engineer. TWO editors, a Production Supervisor, and even credits for the gear and FOOD. A whole CREW that had this process down to a science, with multiple cameras and proper sync sound.

So? So FUCK YOU, unnamed videography crew.
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