BrianSiano (briansiano) wrote,

Draft excerpt from Romeo and Juliet on YouTube

Just to get the bell rolling-- and to goose the Kickstarter numbers a little-- I edited a few minutes of _Romeo and Juliet_. This is a _very_ rough draft: I used only four of the seven camera feeds, the shots are not reframed, and the soundtrack's temporary until I get it properly mixed. (Which'll be an education in itself.)

This was to establish an editing workflow, and get a sense of how the footage would be shaping up. But, it'll give all of you something to circulate to family and friends, to give them a sense of what the project's going to be like in the end. I'm very excited about this, and I hope you are, too.


The Kickstarter page is, and we're at $935 of our $3500 goal.
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