BrianSiano (briansiano) wrote,

Wissahickon Ambient Video: Sample

This is a sample from a longer, as-yet-untitled ambient video piece I've been working on for a while.

Let's begin by saying that the music is by Chris Zabriskie, who's made a lot of his excellent ambient music available at the Free Music Archive. It's under a Creative Commons license for free use, as long as the artist is credited, but since I'd like to sell my full-length video in some form or another, I've emailed him about the project to work things out. But it appears that a sampler can be released, for now.

So what's the story here? During the summer, I'd ride my bike up to the Wissahickon, and I started bringing my video cameras with me. I figured that I might make a nice atmospheric video for my own enjoyment: get some nice nature shots, lay in some music, and have it play in the background while I did important things like edit video, write, sketch house renovations, sleep, or whatever. (The music I use for my home, personal version includes some Ravi Shankar, some of Peter Gabriel's soundtrack from The Last Temptation of Christ, and other good stuff.) I figure there's probably a market for this, as well: I've seen some videos that are collections of gorgeous nature shots of places like Costa Rica and Monument Valley and the like, and the Wissahickon has a lot that's at least as gorgeous.

Assuming that I can clear the music, and find some good sounds from the footage (you can hear traffic from nearby thoroughfares a lot of the time), I may have something that people can watch while they're meditating, or something that a yoga studio'd have on their big-screens, or whatnot. But how do I sell this? I'm finding that the major pay-for-video-distribution systems are a little tough to get into. Vimeo seems the easiest, at $200 a year: iTunes has a raft of requirements and costs close to two grand. Manufacturing DVDs or Blu-Ray disks is, for now, prohibitively expensive: I'd have to pre-sell a lot of disks, before I can have them made. So, for now, this sampler should work as a preview, and as a portfolio item.
Tags: video, wissahickon
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